Sunday, November 28, 2010


Greetings and salutations my fitness friends! I realize it's been a long time, and I'm going to be honest...I've been in a funk. While I've still been working out consistently and eating fairly well, I honestly have been dogging it a bit here and there and not really attacking my goals with the enthusiasm I once had.

It's difficult sometimes being the only one in my household that is interested in working out and eating well. Sometimes I allow myself to fall back into some old patterns that I don't like just because it's easier. However, I've recently realized that I can count on some others that aren't in my household to encourage me to really push myself.

Recently, a Facebook fitness friend, Daniel Beggs, posted this link on his Facebook. It was to an event called the Warrior Dash. I looked at it, and honestly, it scared the living crap out of me! It's a 3+ mile run through chest deep water and mud. It requires the strength to climb up and over walls, the ability to balance on a beam over cold water, crawl through pitch black pipes, trudge through water while ducking under low beams and the grand finale, leaping over fire! However, as scary as it seemed, it also seems like a total gas as well! Plus, by participating and finishing, you get a free shirt, a cool medal, beer and a warrior helmet!! Come on...who wouldn't sign up immediately?!

Here's the thing. I love fitness. I really enjoy lifting weights and doing my cardio workouts at home. I also love walking my dogs every day. What I don't love is running. Seriously...CANNOT. STAND. IT. Despise every single stride. Running, jogging, walking with a bounce, they're just not my thing. That said, it's a new challenge...

It took me about a week and I relented. I'm signed up to run in the 1:30 heat of the May 14th Georgia Warrior Dash. I am completely out of my comfort zone. I will prevail, though, because I AM a warrior!

Take a look at their website, see if there's a Warrior Dash near you and sign up. We could train together (via the net) and commiserate on our warrior lumps, bumps and bruises afterwards. Come on...I know you, too, are a warrior!

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