Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Cleaning--For your insides!

Greetings and salutations everyone! I hope this finds each and every single one of you enjoying some springlike weather. The temperatures here are fantastic (80s today), but we're enjoying our annual pine pollen epidemic, so everything is covered in a fine yellow powder. Heck, even the dogs came in from the walks this morning with blonde hair!

Now that I'm finally injury free, I've started a new 90 day program (new to me, anyhow) called ChaLean Extreme. I'm really enjoying the new challenge, the creativity of moves, and the opportunity to lift weights again. I feel great and look forward to what I can do in 90 days.

In addition, with my new 'start' after my almost 2 month hiatus from working out, I decided to do a little spring cleaning for my insides by participating in a Shakeology Cleanse. It was created by Steve Edwards (a fitness and nutrition expert who works for and helps develop products for Beachbody) and then tweaked by Mike Karpenko (a Beachbody Coach who once worked for Steve) and involves three days. As Steve says in his blog, "It's not the Master Cleanse. The goal is to promote flushing junk from your system and regulating hydration levels." In addition, try not to workout extraordinarily hard during the cleanse...for most people, the calorie levels of the cleanse won't support a really hard workout.

In a nutshell, in consists of three days of:

Three servings of Shakeology each day (made with water)

Two-three servings of fruit (or you can mix them in with your Shakeology shake)

For dinner, a salad, unrestricted with regards to veggies, with 4 oz. of lean protein (white meat or fish), and olive oil/balsamic dressing.

If you feel you need more calories (as some may), add chia seeds, nuts, flax seeds and the like to your salad.

Drink all the water you can and if you'd like to add green tea or coffee, you may as long as there are NO additives. No dairy, no sugar, no flavorings, no nothing!

So there you have it...the Shakeology cleanse. I started yesterday and was pretty ragged by the end of the day (the workout of choice for the day was too tough for the calories I took in), but I woke up this morning two pounds lighter than I was yesterday, retaining less water than normal, and with plenty of energy to tackle today's 'lightish' workout.

If you've got questions, or would like information about Shakeology, let me know!

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