Sunday, October 23, 2011

Comfort zone? WHAT comfort zone?

Greetings and salutations my fitness loving friends! I realize it's been a LLOONNGG time since I've last taken the time to sit down and add to my blog. I had a busy summer accompanying my husband on the Nationwide Tour (my hubs is a professional golf caddie), and then the school year has gotten in the way. Just excuses, I know, but I've got exciting news!!

Many of you who know me already realize that I am a fitness enthusiast. I generally work out 5-6 days each week, combining strength training, cardio and flexibility training. Recently, I found myself wanting a new goal, a goal that was different from those in my past. A goal that would make me grow in new ways. That meant I had to step out of my comfort zone. That meant is was time to run.

I'm not a runner. I've always wanted to be one, though. I've longed to be able to run for miles and miles, the wind in my hair, the sun in my face, my heart keeping a steady rhythm. I've tried to become a runner, at one time working up to 3 miles several days each week. I just didn't love it. Unlike all of my running friends, I've never experienced that 'runner's high.' For some weird reason, I really, really want that experience.

A few weeks ago, many of my friends (with whom I connect regularly on Facebook) were running full marathons. I found their preparation posts motivating, and on actual race day, the excitement and pride that they had post race was simply inspiring. I realized then that I needed a true running goal.

Now, logic would say, "Self, why not train to run a local 5K race?" Sounds achievable and sensible, right? Well, I agree, but after hitting up Google to find some local 5 and 10K races, there was something else that caught my eye...the Augusta half marathon in late February. My mind screamed, "YES!!!!" while my body, quite repulsed, shuddered and shakily responded, "Are you serious?"

So that's the goal. I realize that while I'm in good shape already, this is one of those goals where I'm really going to have to listen to my body. The goal may have to change along the way if my back or my hips or my hamstrings revolt too loudly. But it's a goal, and it's one about which I'm actually quite excited. I haven't looked forward to this type of challenge for quite some time.

I'm now in week #2 of my run training. There are 15 weeks to go. I'm still strength training on alternate days and adding in lots of short yoga workouts to help keep the aches and pains (and possible training derailments) at bay. Yesterday's run upped the run intervals a bit, and while I thought I was going to lose my left lung while chugging up that last hill, I could feel the wind in my hair and the sun on my face while hearing the sing-song sound of my sneakers hitting the pavement.

Perhaps it's true...maybe I am a runner after all.

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